Building Update

Further to the January 29 and February 5, 2017 updates in the bulletin and announcements during Sunday Service, a copy of the Facility Planning Committee (FPC) report is available for viewing in the church office. This is the third report prepared to assist the congregation with decision making about the future of Bethany's facilities. The first report is a Building Condition Assessment Report and the second is the User Space Committee Report. Please call the church office to make an appointment to view one or more of these documents.

On Sunday, January 29, 2017, the Executive Board set up a table-top display in the Rev. Ewen Moase Memorial Fellowship Hall outlining the highlights of the above report. On February 5, we added information to this display regarding the analysis and ranking of the options developed by our Facility Planning Committee. We would like to hear from you. There is a binder provided for recording your questions/comments in the Fellowship Hall or you may take one of the envelopes provided and return your comments or questions at a later date. You may also send your comments or questions by email if that is more convenient.

Our plan is to prepare and share a summary of questions/answers/comments from at least two interactive information sharing sessions with the congregation. The first information session/workshop is scheduled for Sunday, February 19th 2017 at 12:00 noon immediately following the service while the second information session/workshop is scheduled for Saturday, February 25th 2017, at 10:00 a.m. Both sessions will be held in the Rev. Ewen Moase Memorial Fellowship Hall. Your active participation in these sessions is strongly encouraged given the strategic importance of the decisions we have to take regarding the future of the Bethany facility. Please add your name and contact information to one of the signup sheets for the information session (Workshop #1 or Workshop #2) most convenient for you from a scheduling perspective. These signup sheets are posted on the bulletin board just inside the parking lot entrance on the Clinton Avenue side of the building. Members of the Executive Board will be most grateful for your valuable assistance in this process of coming to an informed, evidence-based decision on the future of the Bethany facility. This is your church community so it is critical that your voice be heard as it is the congregation as a whole which will have the final say on how we will proceed into the future.

David Rackham
Chair, Executive Board

Financial Update

2016 Financial Summary to December 31, 2016 (versus December 31, 2015)


  • Envelopes $353,437 (versus $264,339; increase of 34%)
  • Loose cash $7,547 (versus $5,009; increase of 51%)
  • Hall rentals $15,246 (versus $10,595; increase of 44%)
  • Fall fair $20,606 (versus $18,215; increase of 13%)
  • Funeral receptions $7,850 (versus $5,350; increase of 47%)
  • Total income $490,799 (versus $374,420; increase of 31%)


  • Salaries $356,070 (versus $231,094; increase of 54%)
  • Fuel $28,755 (versus $38,131; decrease of 25%)
  • Worship $25,036 (versus $17,849; increase of 40%)
  • Office $26,789 (versus $20,006; increase of 34%)
  • Total expenses $503,869 (versus $402,043; increase of 25%)

Our total income in December was 85% from December 2015. Envelope income was up 89% for the month. Thank you to everyone in the congregation for this exceptional result. The Executive Board and the Board of Managers made a special appeal in December to the congregation and many of you responded in an exceptional manner. As a result, the large deficit of $71,565 at the end of November was reduced to $13,071 at the end of December before year-end adjustments. As your Treasurer, thank you for supporting the wonderful ministry team at Bethany and the programs they provide the congregation.

We are indeed starting 2017 on a very positive note, and it promises to be a challenging year as we consider major renovations to our building structure; but, as your treasurer, I have every confidence we can meet the challenge. Please refer to the information above (under Building Update) and watch for ongoing information updates here and in our Sunday bulletins.

Finally, please note that there are still many pending reports due to the reduced hours of the Office Administrator. We are working to produce these under these challenging circumstances and thank you for your patience and understanding.

Don MacKay
Acting Treasurer, Bethany United Church