Hubbards Farmers Market

I love the Hubbards Farmers Market! My family and I go there every Saturday morning 9:30-10:30 am May-Oct. I love the selection of fresh local food, the colourful vendors, the music supplied by local musicians, the causal and friendly people who gather, the art and wood and beeswax artisans and entrepreneurs, the pastries and coffee to die for, and the barn itself where the market calls home. If you have never been it’s worth the drive, about 30 minutes from the city.

My wife likes the fresh food, meat and eggs and I love the vendors, the smell of the food and coffee and the interesting finds that answer a long sought after search. A few weeks ago I found a frame for a photo my mom took of me after I had scored four goals in a hockey game (I was in junior high). The frame was made from a Jason Spezza hockey stick. It was a perfect fit. The next week I found a photo of an owl taken by the son of the vendor who was selling produce and framed pictures. I had been looking for something to hang over my daughter’s collection of owl carvings. Last summer I found a matching pair of chesterfield pillow covers adorned with portraits of regal dogs. The church I serve replaced its Christ candles with the beeswax candles made by a local artisan. The popcorn, the best I ever tasted, comes from local farm.

People are kinder and warmer in this barn than they would be throughout the week. I think the combination of musicians playing in our midst and the smells of fresh food and the fresh cut flowers bring out the best in us all. I think there is something about the human spirit that needs this stimulation to elevate to the best of our natures. I think we neglect this part of our nature, focusing exclusively on our private needs; spas, golf courses, tourist beaches. As the latter get increasingly separate from their surrounding areas and take on the aura of an escape fantasy what they give our human spirit is akin to an extra large slushy. It’s no wonder people find themselves feeling more generous and happy as soon as they walk into the barn.

We are social creatures but we are also genetically connected to our local surroundings. When we can find spaces that draw out the creativity of creation and the informal and relaxed natures of humanity we get to the sweet spot.

Here’s hoping I will see you at the Hubbards Farmers Market.