Summer of Delish

When Dennis’ business moved into Tantallon I knew my anglophile wife would be thrilled. Delish is a restaurant that specializes in all things British. It’s odd to me that a city like Halifax that prides itself in its British heritage would not have an eatery like this on the peninsula proper. Still the 20 minute drive is not too high a price to pay for someone who desires a proper British meal. Summer is a time of relaxation, it is also a time to enjoy some things you might be in too much of a rush to sit back and take pleasure in. So today my wife and daughter joined me for a proper feast, a roast beef dinner, yes with Yorkshire pudding!

It has been quite some time since my last visit to Delish. Back then they had a large Cadbury ceramic cow outside their front door. Each day I saw Dennis I would remind him that when he got tired of the cow he could give it to me, I would proudly place it on my front lawn. The neighbours would be thrilled! Well don’t you know that the day after I shifted my duties from a church just down the road to the big city of Halifax the cow was stolen! Dennis would ask people who knew me, “please tell the Vicar I want my cow back.” When my wife would drop in Dennis would wonder when the ransom note would be arriving. Even when the Chair of the Bethany Search Committee recently sat down for lunch Dennis was quick to ask him whether the cow was in my new office.

I write all of this because it demonstrates that only part of the experience of Delish is the delicious food. The other part of the experience is the warmth and good humour of Dennis himself.

There was no timetable today, we could take our time. I wasn’t even checking my phone or email or texts. And because of this the meal was tastier, Kim and Lucy had my full attention and I laughted more and heartier. People whom I used to see on a regular basis in Tantallon dropped in, it was great to renew our ties and remember former fun times.

Part of spirituality is savouring the moment, which as I have written before, Buddhists do much better than Christians. While my hard wiring will never allow me to be fully present to the moment summer and vacation and family bring out whatever capability I have for a mindful experience. Good times.