2017 bucket list question

On Wednesday, January 25 at 10:45 am the seniors who gather to Walk and Talk at Bethany United Church will sit in a circle with me to be led in a conversation. This is the Talk portion of the morning, having already walked inside the church from 10 am to 10:45 am. Once a month, the last Wednesday of the month, I will bring a question that we’ll go around the circle and answer. I look forward to hearing each of the responses.

For our first Talk on the 25th I plan to bring this question to the circle (we had 15 last week, our maiden voyage!), “In 2017 what is one activity you plan to undertake that if you have not fulfilled this ambition by the end of the year it will be a big disappointment to you?” I think it is a straightforward question and one I hope provokes some thought, both in terms of imagining something exciting we can set as a goal and putting in place a realistic plan to carry out this adventure. I always find that if I have goals, realistic goals, and I accomplish these goals, my level of satisfaction and general happiness increases dramatically.

How would you answer that question? I have spent some time thinking over my goal for 2017, to do something interesting, challenging and stimulating and say at the end of the year I was glad to have done it. As I was taking the shuttle bus in from Tantallon this morning and looking out at the trees and the sky (as I usually do) I was struck by the trail I could make out on parts of the highway. I remembered that there are three trails that connect where I work, Joseph Howe Road, and where I live, the St. Margarets Bay Road. Specifically one can cycle or walk from the Fairmont subdivision in Springvale to the Bike and Bean café in Upper Tantallon using three trails, the City of Life Trail (COLTA), the Beechville-Lakeside-Timberlea Trail (BLT) and the St. Margarets Trail. It measures 25.2 kilometers. According to mapquest that is a 6 hour walk. My late father-in-law biked this route and found it a very satisfying experience. I would like to walk it and feel I could complete the journey in less than 6 hours given my fast walking pace.

In my mind’s eye I see myself being dropped off at the portion of the trail that is closest to Joseph Howe and walking along the three trails to the Bike and Bean. That would be my destination, a coffee or beer would await me on the other end as my reward. I will not need the $300 outfit at Mountain Coop to complete the walk but I will need to dress appropriately. I am thinking April, May or June would be the best time to do this. I am not sure if anyone will want to join me. Part of me thinks borrowing a bike and cycling the distance would be better but I am not a lover of biking, the seats are never very comfortable! We shall see.