Saturdays are my favorite day of the week. They are the only day I normally spend with my daughter and wife. Sometimes there are young families whom I can only visit on a Saturday morning. And believe it or not there are committees that occasionally meeting on a Saturday. But neither of these occur regularly, Saturdays are in essence my only downtime. I sleep in till 7 am, a whole hour later than my usual, I take my time drinking my morning coffee, I take my time walking my dog Nova, if I see a neighbor and her/his dog (every person in this subdivision has a dog) I can take my time in conversation, sometimes Nova and I take different routes, and some mornings, like this one, Kim and I go to the market.

It’s been rare for us to go to the market these last number of months. Kim’s mom has been especially ill. And now that it is winter the market of choice is the Halifax Forum (we go to the Hubbard’s Barn in the summer). I don’t know if the drive is really any longer but it feels like it is and this can make the decision not to go easier. But once at the market I can feel it is Saturday, I am in no rush, my brain is not in hyper-drive and I take in the sights and sounds and smells of the space. At the Hubbard’s market and the Forum market the merchants are especially open and chatting and I find each one a delight.

After our walk through the market we usually stroll down to Agricola Street to the Lion and Bright café. Their breakfasts are amazing! They also have an organic food store beside their shop.

Saturdays are a time of thanksgiving for me, I think/pray about all that I am grateful for; my family, Creation, my work, my health, good coffee and food, my awesome used thrift clothes…

Did I mention the clothes? I never, ever imagined I would like clothes as much as I do. It all started with friends who told me to stop wearing baggy clothes. I am a natural 33 waist, somewhere in between size medium and large. So I always wore a 34 waist and size large everything. Now I wear size 32 and medium everything and I feel the cotton on my skin and the good fit makes me happy. I like wearing brands that are high quality (even though I pay next to nothing for them at thrift stores) and that the causes and teams I support (on the front of my t-shirts and sweaters) are genuinely ones I support. I also have a large selection of high, high quality shoes and boots I bought for a song. The feel of these on my feet is great.

Saturdays I can wear the clothes that feel wonderful and not worry about how they look. Because my sermon is written on Wednesday and I compose the bulletins 12 days in advance I can really relax on Saturdays. In a real spiritual sense Saturdays are my Sabbath time, when I am not “working for something” but rather just “being something”. Years ago I would feel guilty for not working on a Saturday but now I feel reasonably assured I do my part throughout the week, that I can and should enjoy myself on Saturday.