faith quizzes

Have you ever wondered where you fit in “theologically speaking”? My spouse dislikes these quizzes but I enjoy them though I don’t place a lot of stock in them. What I like about these quizzes is how they make you think about what you believe and how you practice what you believe. The questions open up possibilities to other paths of knowing and acting, they force us to think more deeply about ourselves. All too often we move about our lives without reflection, following the patterns of those who know, of those whom have mentored us, of what we have known. There is very seldom time given over to consider other ways of being.

This quiz of 20 questions is hardly deep or thorough, but it does provide a taste of difference. These differences over theology and practice offer us a glimpse into a new perspective and challenge us to claim who we are. It is not good enough in this quiz to say, “Well that’s hard, I am really all of these.” Or “Well that’s hard, I am really none of these.” You have to choose and choosing is a form of decision-making, it moves us from safe neutrality to commitments to some ideas. I think that these commitments to a set of ideas does not lock us in forever. More often than not there is an evolution in our thinking, required by new information or new experience or new a new reality. Thus taking the quiz again can remind us that it is good to shift when we need to, that no human can sustain a point of view over a lifetime.

Most recently I took this quiz and came out as Liberal Quakerism. I found this odd considering that I am NOT a pacifist and not one who practices or favours much silence in my life. Still I have some sense of why I ended up here, Quakers are faithful and strong in their beliefs in a transcendent God but equally committed to rigorous analysis and scientific testing. Quakers also are interested in others and sharing different points of view in the context of study. While I might disagree in being characterized as a Quaker in terms of belief I do see how I think, believe and act like a Quaker in the way I process theology.

This is another quiz. I like this one a little more, it is less categorical and places you in the company of theologians and thinkers. I came out as A Brian McLaren Christian. I found that connection interesting as I don’t know much about Brian McLaren. Again taking this quiz has prompted me to learn more about McLaren and his beliefs. If I had not taken the quiz I would not know much more that the name and sorting through the various questions I would not have come to more clarity about my thoughts on these matters of faith.

Faith is what we believe and how we live that belief. But faith cannot be totally understood until one has thought about the alternatives, quizzes help us get there.