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Thanking God With Integrity

Hunger, disaster, environmental degradation: it can be difficult to enjoy the good things God has given us when others face these struggles on a daily basis. How do we give thanks for our food while being sensitive to such needs? Author Willard Metzger has crafted these 57 prayers of table grace to help us cultivate gratitude while acknowledging the sorrow and pain of others. Rather than attaching guilt to our shared meals, these prayers aspire to "flavour thankfulness and sandwich it with a celebration of response and purpose." Accompanied by scripture and beautiful photography, Thanking God With Integrity will quickly become an essential resource in your home or church.

About the author

As the Executive Director of the Mennonite Church Canada, Willard has a passion to engage with and resource leaders, congregations, students, youth, young adults and business entrepreneurs. He has travelled to 60 countries, served as a pastor for 20 years and has extensive experience speaking, teaching, and preaching in Canadian churches across a diversity of Christian expressions. Willard’s first-hand experience of the devastating earthquake in Haiti in 2010 was a life-changing experience that now informs his work and writing, including this collection of prayers.

We will eat today and be fed.

So in thankfulness we share in this feast.

But Lord we pray, do not curb our hunger for love.

Do not curb our hunger for justice.

Instead, use the satisfaction of this meal

to increase our hunger for equity—

so that all can eat and be fed.


When Your disciples were unable to feed the hungry crowds,

You fed them, O Lord.

With the little they had You satisfied many.

We come to You with much more.

As we share this food together,

may You multiply our strength and our resolve to offer to others,

so that once again, the many who are hungry can be satisfied.


—Willard Metzger, Thanking God with Integrity, Volume I