Minister's Message

Thank you for visiting Bethany United Church's website!

I don't know about you, but I tire of church website sites that tell you that their church is everything you ever imagined, a combination of the best party you ever attended, the best speaker you ever heard on Youtube, the most amazing choir you've heard since the last time you heard the Messiah performed downtown, etc... Bethany is not that. But we are 280 households who know how to welcome people, connect you to a Spirit of community and care and offer some deep experiences like a large and growing youth group, a big choir with a warm spirit, a bi-weekly group that explores the scriptures as friends, an amateur theatre company that raises money for outreach, and a Sunday morning worship service that brings the sacred stories of scripture into an accessible and uplifting message.

Why not join us? Better, why not look at this site and see what opportunities exist for you to connect more deeply to our community, how you can help us be a more alive community of faith. If anything catches your imagination please contact me and we can share a coffee or tea. I enjoy meeting new people and hearing your story.


Kevin Little
902-455-0521 ex. 222