Next Sunday

I look forward to seeing you this coming Sunday Service (beginning at 10:30 a.m.) as we reflect on Psalm 86 and the prophet Jeremiah and the way both speak of open and honest communication with God. What I love about the Psalms is the way grievances are shared, complaints are registered, emotions are openly expressed but in the dialogue comes discernment, wisdom and understanding. God's ways may not be our ways but it takes time and prayer and openness to move closer to God's way. At the end of the sermon time during the worship service at Maplestone one man raised his hand. He spoke of the challenges in his life and how he had found peace. As I was leaving with Shawn and Lucy he took my hand and offered me a blessing. Discipleship and faith that emerges from struggle, prayer and honest talk with and about God can lead to deep moments like these.

A look ahead... In July, Ann Bradley will be presiding and preaching. In August, Kevin's Summer Preaching Series will take place August 6 to September 3 (five weeks), the theme being The Lord's Prayer, based on these two books - Lord, Teach Us: The Lord's Prayer & The Christian Life - William Willimon & Stanley Hauerwas, and The Lord & His Prayer - N.T. Wright

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