Eight remits were approved by the United Church of Canada's 42nd General Council 2015. Consequently, in the 2017 new year, Bethany's Executive Board will be voting on five remits under Category 3: Pastoral Charges and Presbyteries; links to these remits are provided below.

A wealth of background information is available online at GC42.ca/remits, including study guides, informational videos, webinar discussions, and answers to frequently asked questions. This is a unique chance to involve members in major denominational decisions that will ultimately be voted on by the pastoral charges boards and councils.

The five remits being voted on by both pastoral charge boards/councils and presbyteries (including Bethany United Church) are:

1. Three Council Model
2. Elimination of Transfer and Settlement
3. Office of Vocation
4. Funding a New Model
6. One Order of Ministry