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Bethany United Church:

Office and Fellowship Hall: 2669 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, NS B3L 4G5

Entrance to the church is located on 7171 Clinton Avenue, Halifax, NS B3L 3Y8

Telephone: (902) 455-0521

All staff can be contacted at the telephone number above.

General Inquiries:

Rental Committee:

Did you know… we have a congregational email distribution list?

The purpose it serves is to communicate about the life and work of our faith community. We would love to have you sign up! So, if you wish to receive emails from us click on this link General Inquiries and share your contact information with us.



PAR:  If you contribute to the Church through PAR and wish to acknowledge this during the offering, there are PAR cards available in the Narthex for you to place in the collection plate.

To ALL members, we are able to process monthly PAR donations using the following options: Chequing Account/VISA/Master Card

* Important Message * 

Please remember to indicate your envelope number and/or name and address on any plain, special collection, or visitor envelopes.  Confirm or obtain your envelope or PAR number by contacting the Office.  This step is critical in helping  issue official receipts at the end of year for contributions received from our household families.