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Whether you come on your own, with family or with friends, there is a place for you in our large and warm community of faith.

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SUNDAY SCHOOL 2019-2020 has begun! Come join the FUN!


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“The Community Spirit - October 2019”


A monthly snapshot of Bethany’s happenings.

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Minister's Welcome

I don't know about you, but I tire of church website sites that tell you that their church is everything you ever imagined, a combination of the best party you ever attended, the best speaker you ever heard on Youtube, the most amazing choir you've heard since the...

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Office and Fellowship Hall:
2669 Joseph Howe Drive, Halifax, NS B3L 4G5

Entrance to the church is located on 7171 Clinton Avenue, Halifax, NS B3L 3Y8
Telephone: (902) 455-0521


next sunday

Every Sunday at Bethany has a chosen theme. The music, the sermon, the prayers, all fit together to lift up a message we feel the community needs today. If you want to know what is coming up at Bethany this Sunday click here. 



Our staff

Bethany has a committed, hard working and fun staff team. Each member of the team complements one another and together they seek to serve you as they serve God with their own unique spiritual gifts.


Latest sermon

Every Sunday Kevin preaches a sermon based on a Bible story and the experience of the Spirit in our community. Kevin visits regularly, is involved in the community, and talks to everyone he meets. Here are the texts of these sermons.


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Note from our Board of Managers:

All inquiries regarding our shared rooms for rent as asked to please contact our Rental Committee at rentals@bethanyunitedchurch.ca. Or visit this page Facility Use.

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Office located at 2669 Joseph Howe Drive entrance.


Monday to Friday

10am - 3pm

*Building Closure Information*

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Lost and Found– Items usually end up in the office. We have a little white bin where treasures are kept.

Upcoming Bethany FALL Events…

FALL FAIR 2019.jpg
Silent Movie Night 2019.jpg

Our “Spooky Night At The Movie” is taking a “FUNNY” little TWIST this year.

Come for an evening of comedy, as Shawn Whynot takes us back in time to a classic era in film! Fun night for family and friends!

Tickets can be purchased by cash or cheque at 2669 Joseph Howe Drive, Monday to Friday, 10am - 3pm or online thru Eventbrite Halifax.

Many great options to enhance your spiritual health and faith through the week days and on Sundays.  Visit  here  to learn more…

Many great options to enhance your spiritual health and faith through the week days and on Sundays.

Visit here to learn more…