Vision, Mission and Values:

Mission Statement:

Bethany’s Mission is to provide an awesome and transforming experience of God's Love.

Vision Statement:

Bethany strives to create a centre of Christian community and family life. The people of Bethany:

  • will enjoy being a part of its ongoing creation;
  • will encompass the needs and interests of all ages in a caring manner;
  • will be dynamic, resourceful, and progressive in our approach to spreading God's love in all types of ministries, old and new; and
  • will listen for and witness to the power of the Holy Spirit.

Value Statement:

In striding to the rhythm of Christ:

We value our heritage and our traditional Christian faith.
We value the institution of the Church.
We value the Basis of Union of the United Church of Canada.
We value biblically based worship and lifestyle.
We value the power of prayer.
We value the peace and joy found within our sanctuary.
We value the inspiration and leadership of our clergy.
We value our commitment to growth and the moral courage and leadership needed to attain it.
We value our Bethany faith community, its individuals and our differing talents and gifts.
We value people, interaction, communication, and caring.
We value justice, mercy, and kindness.