Bike and Beans

One place I really miss in my work life is the Train Station Bike and Bean.

At a previous church I would walk across the road to sit and enjoy a coffee or hold a meeting with a community partner. The service was super friendly, the atmosphere perfect, the coffee delicious! Now that I work “in town” I rarely get there. But being on vacation affords me the luxury of a return visit. Our dog Nova recently had surgery on a broken tooth (which leads to a broken wallet!). Since the surgery Nova has not been allowed to go anywhere besides outside the house for her “business”. If the veterinarian says Nova is ready we will go to the Rails to Trails for a good stroll and later (if the water hasn’t dried up) a hearty dog swim at the end.

That is Nova’s treat but our treat, Kim, Lucy and me, will be to sit outside at the old Train Station and enjoy a cool drink and a tasty treat. I cannot wait. The summer allows patrons to enjoy sitting on the outside of the authentic train station, a cooler place to sit and a great place to engage other dogs and their people partners.

If you’ve never been I highly recommend this place, not only for the coffee but also because they rent bicycles, sell bicycles, to folks who can use the Trails for a long bike ride into the city (I believe it goes all the way into Fairview). On Saturdays you will find the café filled with aging cyclists (who look like me, only in spandex) in very expensive gear and bikes sipping on a latte after a long ride from Halifax. It’s become a bit of a “thing” in the big city.

Memorial to Mary Lou

Memorial to Mary Lou

One other thing, I feel the presence of Mary Lou each and every time I am in the café. Mary Lou was the original owner of the café and she was a tremendous host. Back when I worked in Tantallon Kim and I would go to the Friday night pizza, beer and live music events where we’d meet locals and always enjoy a great conversation. Mary Lou thought up these events, walked around the room introducing people to each other, fostering community and joy wherever she stood. I miss her.

A cancer survivor that dreaded disease eventually took Mary Lou from us and the community is the lesser as a result. Still you can feel her energy and presence in the walls of the Train Station. I invite you to take that in when you are enjoying your favorite cup of java.

Places remind us a special people, these are spiritual places thereafter.